Bridging The Disconnect Within Organisations

Facilitation, Training and Coaching

Meetings or facilitation workshops designed to break habitual thinking, unlock valuable knowledge and realise your organisation’s full potential with PANDEK Group. 


Our purpose is to enrich the daily lives of employees

With over 20 years of experience in education, coaching & training, PANDEK Group delivers purposeful meeting facilitation to change the way teams unite.

Our customised content enables you to drive forward your organisation’s positive growth journey; align, inspire and motivate your team, resulting in no more chaos and no opportunities missed.

A PANDEK facilitator at a workshop giving one-on-one help with two people at a workshop


What PANDEK has done for organisations in the past

Our clients

Dynamic, engaging and accessible services

Our facilitation, training and coaching will stimulate new ways of thinking and problem solving for you and your team.  Have effective team meetings and make workshops worthwhile to save time, money and improve outcomes.


Regain calm, improve efficiency and maximise productivity with safe and supportive facilitated environments.


Fully managed delivery of bespoke effective and engaging training programmes that drives individual and organisational growth.

Accredited Coaching

Your supporter, challenger, motivator and cheerleader to help you discover, define, as well as reach your goals. 


Some of the strategies and techniques we use.

Our purposeful, adaptable and inclusive approach is centred around years of experience working in education and will have all participants involved and contributing from the outset. Discover our bespoke processes used to make your workshops worthwhile and your team meetings effective.

A PANDEK LEGO Serious Play session with LEGO on a table


An innovative process enabling all stakeholders to experience an enriched understanding of
meeting objectives.

Two people standing at a whiteboard in a PANDEK workshop, presenting their ideas.

Design Sprint

Increase your return on investment, ensure consistent delivery of strong, innovative products, and lead to more positive user experiences of your services.

A group of people at a workshop, walking about and reading panels

Liberating Structures

Small shifts in the ‘microstructures’ that we rely on in meetings to increase positive dynamics and tap into collective wisdom, enabling your organisation to reach its full potential.

A group of 6 working together in a boardroom. There are lots of boards and with notes on them. The people are in conversation

Pinpoint Facilitation

Used by top companies, government departments and NGOs across the world, Pinpoint Facilitation reverses the structure of traditional meetings to empower the group.

Four people at a workshop having a conservation.

Specialist Workshops

Our purpose is to help you establish your purpose. We use a range of specialist methods to change the way teams unite and enable you to realise your potential. From strategy workshops to innovation training, PANDEK has a range of workshops to offer. 

We are here to assist you in creating and unleashing the power of a clear, well-communicated vision so that you and your organisation can benefit from its potential.

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Find out the difference between vision and mission statements, and why both are key to the success of your organisation for staff satisfaction and team alignment.

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Values which support your vision help define purpose, create and inspire motivation.

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If your organisation is lacking a clear trajectory, setting smaller and more achievable goals will make it easier to make your vision a reality.

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Find out how to keep teams aligned, motivated and inspired - and see increased communication, creativity, efficiency and improved recruitment and retention rates.

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Find out how to foster a culture of innovation in your organisation to see increased customer and employee satisfaction, new partnerships and increased revenue.

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Strategic planning. You hear that word a lot in the corporate world, but are you doing it right?  

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We collaborate with academic teams to encourage the cross pollination of ideas, bridge the disconnect between education sector and business, and enable schools and universities to realise their full potential.

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Unlocking Potential

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