Our Approach

Discover PANDEK Group’s innovative processes

A bespoke approach

Break habitual thinking, unlock knowledge and build new connections.

Our purposeful, adaptable and inclusive approach is centred around years of experience working in education and will have all participants involved and contributing from the outset.

The bespoke process is tailored to generate the best outcomes for you and your team. No session is the same; through a series of touchpoints, your journey with PANDEK Group can flex to your business needs and challenges.

Discover our bespoke processes used to make your workshops worthwhile and meetings meaningful below.

LEGO Serious Play in action. Men and women using LEGO to build and communicate. Everyone is looking into the centre aof a table and talking about what they have builf

Building a better future with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an innovative process which enables all stakeholders to experience an enriched understanding of meeting objectives. Through building physical metaphors, your team can convey clear, concise, and creative messages in response to problem-solving challenges.

See benefits including enhanced communications, improved insight and more creative solutions.

People working on a wall with lots of note generating ideas.

Design Sprint

Do you have a product you are taking to market or a digital transformation challenge?

Design Sprint accelerates the design process to maximise outcomes.

Find out how Design Sprint can increase your return on investment, ensure consistent delivery of strong, innovative products, and lead to more positive user experiences of your services.

PANDEK Group uses Design Sprint 2.0 – a new and more efficient version that takes place in 4 days rather than 5.

Liberating Structures

To facilitate positive change in organisations, first we need to focus on improving engagement.

Liberating Structures are small shifts in the ‘microstructures’ that we rely on in meetings. They increase positive dynamics and tap into collective wisdom, enabling your organisation to reach its full potential.

For improved innovation, inclusion, participation and purpose, PANDEK Group’s facilitation of Liberating Structures could be for you.

We have provided 3 free exercises to try out now!

Pinpoint Facilitation

Do you feel like you should get more out of meetings? Our Pinpoint facilitation re energises your meetings to empower the group and maximise outcomes. 

By reversing the structure of traditional meetings, ownership of the session is handed to the group. Stimulating, creative and highly participative, everyone feels inspired to make positive organisational change. 

Used by top companies, government departments and NGOs across the world, increase commitment to meeting outcomes, save meeting time and include all learning styles.


Our services have led to incredible outcomes for clients.