Accredited coaching

Your supporter, challenger, motivator and cheerleader to help you reach your goals

Reach your next level

Feeling like you’re veering off course?  Our coaching services are just what you need to get back on course; receive accountability, increase motivation, and kickstart productivity. All our coaches are accredited at Level 7 by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).



A facilitator at a workshop giving one-on-one help with two people at a workshop

What does a coach bring to the table?

Relying on an in-house Line Manager for coaching may not always be effective and can result in micro-management.

A coach provides:

  • External guidance with goal setting, strategy and evaluation
  • Analysis of team dynamics to identify growth areas
  • Ability to listen and conversations filled with curiosity
  • Skill development
  • Personal development
  • Improved confidence
  • Staff satisfaction and improved retention
  • A soundboard to ask the difficult questions
  • A fresh perspective to realign priorities

As specialists at PANDEK Group, we are trained to work within time and financial constraints to ensure that an organisation’s ROI (Return of Investment) and staff satisfaction are prioritised. Our coaching programmes have a measurable impact for all stakeholders.

SME business coaching

Are you the founder of an SME or a sole trader and feeling the pressure?

You’re not alone in facing the multitude of challenges that come with running your own business. A supportive business coach can make all the difference in feeling empowered and in control rather than overwhelmed and stuck.

PANDEK Group gives you the opportunity to take your business to the next level – experience positive growth, build confidence and see success in the areas that matter most.

Life coaching

Are you facing a lack of motivation or struggling to achieve a work-life balance

Our life coaching service nurtures your personal development so that you can find clarity, direction and embed sustainable improvements into your life.

By providing a new perspective, we enable you to feel empowered, focused and fulfilled.

Career coaching

Are you confused about your career goals or how to get there?

Our career coaching enables you to get to where you want to be through a series of personalised sessions, focused planning and target setting.

Feel supported, inspired and ready for the next step.

Our approach

PANDEK Group coaching takes a dual approach and a non-directive approach.

Our dual approach means that we focus on both the client’s and the organisation’s needs.

Our non-directive approach means that we rely on active listening, playback, and questioning.

This allows us to work collaboratively with you to help you realise your potential.

Free Conversation

Our discussion process prior to contracting is free and non-committal. All our coaching sessions are strictly confidential and abide by GDPR regulations.

An exploratory conversation will establish the areas that require support, and whether we are the right people to support you. We understand that no coach is suited to every potential client.


Our services have led to incredible outcomes for clients.