Facilitating interdisciplinary research

We collaborate with academic teams and encourage the cross pollination of ideas to facilitate creativity and innovation

Bridge The Disconnect

The structure of academic institutions discourages interdepartmental cooperation. It is all too tempting to focus on the differences between academic disciplines, rather than what they share.

A comprehensive understanding of complex issues facing society today cannot be achieved through the study of one discipline alone. Innovation and competitive advantage usually occur in the space between disciplines.

It is clear that future researchers will require not only disciplinary depth, but transferrable skills and the ability to collaborate with professionals from various academic backgrounds.

To bridge the disconnect between the education sector and the business sector, collaborative academic environments and interdisciplinary learning and teaching are required. Education and research systems which fail to keep up with this need risk losing research opportunities and innovative academics.

Table showning lost of connections with wool and cards

What is interdisciplinary research?

Interdisciplinary research is where approaches, insights, and methods from two or more disciplines are compared and integrated to create new knowledge and advance understanding for problem-solving.

Characteristics of an interdisciplinary researcher include:

  • Being open-minded towards alternative methodologies.
  • The ability to collaborate, network, and nurture professional relationships.
  • The ability to learn, process, and evaluate information from different sources quickly.
  • The ability to make connections
  • Motivation to pursue long-term solutions to contemporary societal problems.
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PANDEK Group facilitates effective interdisciplinary environments for academic teams

With over 20 years’ experience in the education sector and coaches accredited at Level 7 by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), PANDEK Group Ltd. can facilitate interdisciplinary environments for your institution. 

Our portfolio of projects range from writing a “Creative Art & Design” course for Villa College in the Maldives to leading “Inclusive learning Communities” discussions for students at the University of the West of England. Our staff are enhanced DBS checked and we have also run staff wellbeing, visioning, INSET day, and department team building events.

Our specialist team at PANDEK mediate and enable educational teams to align, practice active listening, set quantifiable goals, and build an inclusive community.