Vision & mission statement

Do you want to boost staff satisfaction and ensure that your team is aligned on your company values and aspirations?

The power of vision

If your company has absent or uncommunicated vision and mission statements, you’re missing a vital step to achieving strong brand identity and positive business growth.

Vision statements are a top-rated management tool, with strong empirical evidence showing the positive effect that implementing them impacts organisational performance, group effectiveness, and growth in entrepreneurial firms.

Yet, research shows that 87% of employees do not know or understand their company’s vision or mission statements. Other research finds that even when employees have heard of their company’s statement, they rarely come across it (Darbi, 2012).

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Icons for vision and Mission

Vision vs mission - what’s the difference?

Where vision statements help align members of a team and ensure shared ownership of the bigger picture of the future goal, mission statements outline how the company is acting in reflection of this goal and why.

The mission statement describes the impact of the vision statement and cultivates passionate team members.

What should a vision and a mission statement include?

The best vision statements include:

  • Are brief
  • Contain a prime goal
  • Encompass all organisational interests
  • Provide a long-term perspective
  • Are unlikely to be changed by developments in technology or the market
  • Provide motivation

The best mission statements include:

  • Why is your vision, your vision? What values feed into it?
  • How the company is acting to achieve this
  • The impact these actions have in a wider context
  • Instil passion

Remember that vision statements do not have to be super innovative to be effective – a gym company’s vision statement might simply be ‘to help people stay fit and healthy’.

How to communicate these statements to your employees

Did you know that readers often under communicate by a factor of 10? (Kotter, 1996)

It is up to the leader to communicate their company’s statements to the rest of the employees, and reaffirm the values indicated to motivate action. Leaders should be using inspirational imagery, inclusive language, and clarity to communicate the challenge and specify goals.

How to communicate your vision to the Public

  • Use varied media platforms
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat
  • Storytelling