Who We Are

With over 20 years of experience in education, coaching & training, PANDEK changes the way teams unite in order to grow, avoid chaos and take forward the best opportunities.

An experienced team

Our founder Paul Kelly has a background in education, training, health care provision, retail, and the voluntary division, and is skilled in encouraging the growth of resilience in groups and individuals.

PANDEK Group’s collective skills and experience enable you to break habitual thinking and unlock valuable knowledge within your organisation.

With a programme of content that’s customised to businesses and designed to engage people in a way no one else can, PANDEK Group makes it possible to drive a positive growth journey so that people will be aligned, inspired and motivated with clarity and cohesion, in other words no more chaos and no opportunities missed.

Ask Paul where the name PANDEK comes from, it’s a lovely story.

An image of the Pandek founder, Paul Kelly
Conference room with 400 people listening to a motovational speach. The room is lit with purplu uplights

An inspiring vision

To be known for empowering individuals, teams and organisations to unlock valuable knowledge, break habitual thinking and embrace the benefits of change.

We aim to be the group that makes the single most significant contribution to employee satisfaction, increased innovation and sustainability for all of our clients. As a result, we will be the UK’s leading specialist in visioning and bridging the disconnect within organisations.

A mission to drive us forward

Our purpose is to enrich the daily lives of employees by generating productive conversations, empowering through ownership, and fostering a culture of constant listening.

We work with individuals and organisations to enable them to identify and reach their full potential. Inclusiveness is at the centre of everything we do and say because we believe in putting people, the planet and purpose before profit.

Five people listening as the facilitator explains a concept

P.E.O.P.L.E. Centred Values

At PANDEK Group, we have had our values established from our inception, placing the people at the centre of everything we do.


Our organisation is driven to support the wellbeing of our community of clients, staff, and stakeholders.


We enable individuals to unlock, implement and develop new skills and ways of thinking. 


We foster healthy relationships with our clients, founded on mutual trust, and equitable, honest communication.


We take pride in our work and believe in our staff and clientele.


We harness feedback to shape the planning and delivery of our services.


We want to be judged on our ability to produce results to the highest standard. 


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