Bespoke Training Provision

Delivering and managing effective and engaging training programmes to drive individual and organisational growth

Expert Skills

By applying our expert skills we can engage participants in fun and creative ways to instil learning and aid the development of your team both individually and collectively.

Reduce recruitment and operational costs by freeing up management time, and access a wider talent pool of trainers that fit exactly what you require.

4 people around a board table with flipchart and notes
Groups of people attending a training session in an office

What does a trainer bring to the table?

Delivering an effective training programme that can keep your participants engaged is a challenge that many organisations regularly face. Especially for those without a training department, it can be a struggle to deliver successful learning and development without the pedagogical or teaching skills required.

Our adept trainers and education based approach can maximise the output of training workshops by meeting diverse accessibility needs and holding the attention of the room.

Trainers provide:

  • A thorough understanding of the programme subject matter
  • Patience, focus and adaptability
  • Listening to the groups needs
  • An external source of information not already embedded in the organisation
  • An ability to handle difficult situations and complex group dynamics
  • Someone to help you pinpoint your training needs
  • Fun and creative solutions to increase receptiveness

Our trainers have over 20 years experience in education and delivering training within a variety of sectors, including healthcare, retail, emergency services, community groups and national voluntary agencies.

Why outsource your training?

Outsourcing your training is often more cost-effective, scalable and efficient than an internal training department. It allows your organisation to focus on what training is required rather than how to deliver it.

At PANDEK Group, we deliver and manage training materials and processes to free up time for you to concentrate on your core competencies, values and strategies.

Most businesses choose outsourcing due to its reduced costs (70%), followed by its flexibility (40%), speed to market (20%), and agile process accessibility (15%). (Edgson, 2022)

78% of businesses all over the world feel positive about their outsourcing partners (Dautovic, 2022).

As your training partner, we work closely with you to foster trusting relationships and communicate openly about training performance expectations. We are fully invested in the design and delivery of bespoke learning and development packages.


Our services have led to incredible outcomes for clients.