Building a better future

Has this ever happened?

Too often we leave meetings unsure of what the outcomes were. With differing perspectives on what happened and unequal opportunities for attendees to share opinions, staff satisfaction is reduced and progress toward organisational goals is stunted.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an innovative process which enables all stakeholders to experience an enriched understanding of meeting objectives.

Through building physical metaphors, your team can convey clear, concise, and creative messages in response to problem-solving challenges.

Board room full of LEGO models on the table
a room full of over 50 people nuilding LEGO models

How does it work?

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a facilitation tool which helps everyone take value, purpose, and ownership within a meeting. Within a workshop, participants collaborate through cognitive, kinaesthetic, auditory, and visual methods rather than just speech.

This maximises reflection, refines answers and guides teams into open, honest, and empathetic conversations because everyone’s contribution is considered.

The physical construction using bricks allows the group to have discussions which flow without the fear of personal vulnerability.

6 women sitting at a table using a huge pile of LEGO

What are the benefits?

  • Enhanced communications
  • Deepening of understanding
  • Improved insight
  • Social bonding through “play”
  • More innovative and creative solutions

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® can be used for:

  • Igniting Innovation 
  • Visualising Customer Service 
  • Developing Team Alignment 
  • Vision Assimilation 
  • Designing Real-Time Strategies 
  • Spreading Brand Culture 
  • Coaching & Positive Psychology
  • Personal development
  • Bridging diversity
  • Understanding systematic consequences.
  • Vision, mission, and goal setting

Global Process

“You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation.” –  Plato

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®’s foundations are based on decades of research. It has been shown that this kind of hands-on, minds-on learning produces a more profound and fruitful understanding of the world and its potential. It has also been proven to increase innovation, drive productivity, create a deeper level of communication, unlock knowledge, and break habitual thinking. All of these are factors that are vital for an organisation’s success.

No two LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops are designed the same. PANDEK Group are trained facilitators of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and we take a bespoke, dynamic approach tailored to each client’s needs.

This results in outcomes that are refined, clear and concise, so you can see positive growth for your organisation.

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